I Hug You in My Heart

A recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award for children's literature, this story is based on visits with the author's two youngest granddaughters. During one visit, her granddaughter Kayla asked her the very question that Zoe asks Nana in this story: "Nana, when I'm not here, do you forget me?" This story was written to help children understand that even though they may not see their grandparents all the time, they are forever held inside their hearts.

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The Great Pause: Blessings and Wisdom from COVID-19

What has COVID-19 done for us? What blessings and opportunities has it given us? In this anthology, 25 authors, including April Goff Brown, share their personal experiences and collective wisdom from this unique time. April's chapter is #9 entitled Lessons from My Journey in the Time of COVID. In it, she shares the powerful emotions that social distancing and isolation brought in, and her reflection on life's important lessons to carry forward.

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The Great Pause Companion Journal

Coming soon. Pre-order here. Authors of The Great Pause collaborated in this companion journal to help readers process their emotions during this difficult time in our lives. COVID-19 changed our world, not always for the better. The authors hope that your use of these journaling prompts will help you find your blessings and wisdom.