I'm April Goff Brown, author of the award winning book I Hug You in My Heart, and I am so happy you are here. This book is very personal and a labor of love. I hope you'll get your own copy and I'll be happy to inscribe it for you.  Read below to learn a little about how this book came to be.

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My Story

Several years ago, my then young granddaughter, Kayla, was visiting for the weekend. That Saturday morning, she stopped me in the hallway and asked, "Nana, when I'm not here, do you forget about me?"

I was so blown away by this simple question, surprised that she could even think that. I now know it was her insecurities asking. That morning, I sat with her and talked about all the reasons I could never forget her, which seemed to help. I then asked her if she ever forgot me. She said, very firmly, "Oh no, Nana. I could never do that!" 

This simple question never left me either, and I knew there was a book in there. It took about 8 years to get written and published. Not that I worked on it for all that time, but I was finally able to sit at the computer and let it flow, as if I was telling a story to her or my younger granddaughter, Olivia.  When the timing was right, it just flowed!

In 2020, before the pandemic, I decided I would just do it. I contacted publishers and illustrators, finally settling on the wonderful art of Jeanne Conway who captured the spirit and emotion of the book.  It was released in April 2021 and the first book was mailed to Kayla, who was then 16. As I shared with her how this book came to be, she couldn't remember asking me that question. Yet, I never forgot it.

The bond between grandparent and grandchild is special. This book tells that so clearly, and I have heard often how the grandchild who gets the book says the story is just like them.  That warms my heart.

I hope you enjoy this little book. Let me know what you think and send me photos of you and your little one reading it. I'd love to see them. And, may you have many hugs in your life.



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